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Approved Driving Instructor
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We support the RSA’s road safety campaigns. Click here to see the latest…

Need driving lessons?

Established in 1998 by our head instructor Mike Shyne ADI to provide car lessons in the Limerick, Tipperary and Clare areas.

The school has expanded since then, and now has three full time instructors, Mike, Bill, and our female instructor Irene providing tuition in car, car and trailer, rigid truck as well as ambulance driver training.  We also offer courses for aspiring driver instructors.

As professional driving instructors we strongly believe in road safety, and work hard to teach our students safe driving methods and skills, not just for the driving test, but for their entire driving careers.

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Driver Theory Test Learner Permit

Rules of the Road

The rules of the road for all road users is available to view or download here


Road Safety Campaigns

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